IFSXML – Tips and Good practice

Sorry for draft quality, I have to improve my English !

Good practice

Always separate the setup and filling process.

Ideally move all your  filling functions on service program. The reason why ? maximizing their use. Value is what is in the box, not the box itself !

Put ifsxml_setRootName() and ifsxml_close() on the same function.

…and calls all filling functions between.

Finally, one flow = three procedures.

Split the logic on three levels : Resource / Document / Data :

  • Resource function – ifsxml_new(), ifsxml_createFile() etc.
    • Document function – ifsxml_setRootName()
      • Data function – ifsxml_addElement(), _closeElement()  etc.

Pass the Handle to all procedures, don’t use global variable.

…and don’t test the validity of the Handle at the level of document or filling function . It is the responsibility of the creator of the handle. You must assume that the function is called precisely because this handle is valid !

     p filling_function...
     p                 b
     d                 pi
     d   hXml_...
     d                                     value like(m_ifsxml_handle)

       ifsxml_openElement(hXml_: 'element');

       ifsxml_addElement(hXml_: 'element': 'value');


     p                 e           


Create one function for each complex data structures that  you want « xmlize »

     d m_ds_contact...
     d                 ds                  qualified based(null)
     d   firstname...
     d                               64a   varying
     d   name...
     d                               64a   varying
     d   email...
     d                              256a   varying

Function to export m_ds_contact above.

     p xmlexp_ds_contact..
     p                 b  
     d                 pi              
     d   hXml_...
     d                                     value like(m_ifsxml_handle)
     d   p_ds_contact_...
     d                                 *   value
     d contact_...
     d                 ds                  likeds(m_ds_contact) based(p_ds_contact_) 

       xmlifs_openElement(hXml_: 'contact');
         xmlifs_addElement(hXml_: 'firstname': contact_.firstname);
         xmlifs_addElement(hXml_: 'name': contact_.name);
         xmlifs_addElement(hXml_: 'email': contact_.email);


Adding Namespaces

You can  add Namespaces declarations with ifsxml_addAttributes() after ifsxml_setRootName() and simply create prefixed element with the name space as bellow :


       ifsxml_setRootName(hXml: 'xsl:stylesheet');
       ifsxml_addAttribute(hXml: 'version': '1.0');
       ifsxml_addAttribute(hXml: 'xmlns:xsl': 'http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform');
       // <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform">

       ifsxml_openElement(hXml: 'xsl:template');
       ifsxml_addAttribute(hXml: 'match': '/');
       // <xsl:template match="/">




I dis not run test on multithread environment, but, theoretically, for that work you must add « serialize » (from v6r1 only) on ifsxml_init() or call it before any thread. Of course, don’t use a same handle on different threads.